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A UK based vocal improvisation ensemble that inquires: 
What does it mean to be human and have a voice?
If our ancestors made music of the moment to make sense of
themselves and the world around them - why don’t we?


Anthropos: Songs of Humanity EP

Our debut EP, recorded live at Lightship 95 in London, UK, comprised of eight fully collaboratively improvised tracks.


Each ‘song’ is a sound and movement vignette, creating different configurations in space and sound. The shapes are universal, archetypal. We sing aspects of the natural world, the elements, songs of work, dignity, protection, mourning, celebration, healing, lullaby and prayer. 

Recorded live in London, July 2020. 
Produced by Jaka Škapin 
Sound mix by David Holmes 

Featuring: Kate Smith, Uran Apak, Sylvia Schmidt, Jaka Škapin, Marcia Willis, Guillermo Rozenthuler (concept - direction).

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