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What does it mean to be human and have a voice? If our ancestors made music of the moment to make sense of themselves and the world around them - why don’t we?

Anthropos, led by Guillermo Rozenthuler, is a joyous exploration of the songs that humans might have made before music became a commodity. The ensemble features five vocal artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, joined by a common curiosity about the human voice and its possibilities. Together they ask, “How does one share the grief of loss or the jubilation of a new life arriving? What are the signals to sow, nurture or harvest? Did our ancestors have to sing throughout the night to keep each other warm?”


This a cappella ensemble creates improvised vignettes that transcend style or culture and give voice to the human experience. Music was once the golden thread in the fabric of everyday life and so music beyond words, is the language of Anthropos. Together, they draw from the depth of their musical traditions and life experiences to imagine ancient languages and sound archetypal feelings. They sing to uncover the sounds that swim within the footprint of our bodies and share a sense of the sacred.


Anthropos’ songs are instant collaborative compositions; a celebration of the music of the Earth and the rich well of universal human experience - from the primordial to the contemporary and from the deep to the playful. Each performance is unique, an echo into the listener’s inner worlds and an invitation to explore connection and belonging.

Current members: 

Guillermo Rozenthuler 

Jaka Škapin 

Kate Smith 

Marcia Willis

Nell Greco

Sylvia Schmidt


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